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SmartScan allows you to use the power of barcode technology in Quickbooks 

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SmartScan Custom Field Manager



SmartScan Custom Field Edit Utility

Update your item list and customer list instantly with one click to avoid time consuming "one-at-a-time" data entry.

The SmartScan Custom Field Manager program connects directly to your QuickBooks company file to access customer and item custom field information. It synchronizes with QuickBooks to update the information you enter with one click of a button.

SmartScan Custom Field Manager shows an interactive spreadsheet view of your QuickBooks item and customer custom fields. Custom field detail information can be added by manual entry or by scanning bar codes.  

After you have downloaded the program from the file link below, double click on CustomFieldManagerSetupNM.msi. This will install the program. Please be sure that the PC you install
SmartScan Custom Field Manger on also has access to your Quickbooks company.

System Requirements
  Minimum CPU required: 333 MHz
  Minimum memory required: 64 MB
  Minimum hard disk space required: 80 MB
  Operating system version: Windows 2000/NT/ME/XP




     (File Size: 6.4mb)


Custom Field Manager Quick Start Guide:

  1. Open QuickBooks in Single User Mode as Admin.  

  2. Make sure your custom field is created in QuickBooks for your barcode numbers.  (Go to Item List  >> Edit Item (any item)  >>  click Custom Fields  >>  Define Fields   >>  put a check mark in a “use box” and enter the word “barcode”, “SKU”, “UPC”, etc to give the new custom field a name.)  

  3. In Custom Field Manager click Load.  This will bring over all of the QuickBooks items, descriptions and custom fields so that you can enter barcodes for your items in sequence rather than one at a time in QuickBooks.    

  4. Click Save to update QuickBooks.


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