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Dex electronic invoicing

Store DEX for Grocery and Convenience Store Retailers


Major benefits of Store DEX include:

  • Reduce Check In Time
  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry
  • Reduce Manual Entry Errors
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Leverage Existing Capabilities of Distributors

What Is Store DEX? Store DEX is a hardware and software solution that allows retailers such as grocery stores and convenience stores to electronically receive a distributors invoice at the time of delivery. Many distributors, especially those who create invoices on site, often referred to as Direct Store Delivery (DSD) distributors, use some sort of handheld device to create the invoice or modify an existing order. Most of these handhelds have the ability to “DEX across” an electronic invoice to the retailer. Store DEX uses the same DEX/UCS standard used by all of the major grocery retailers. As a result, Store DEX allows you to leverage this existing capability already being used by many distributors.

The Hardware

The hardware consists of a DEX box mounted in the receiving area with a ¼ inch stereo jack connection into which the distributor connects their handheld. The DEX box then connects to the retailers PC that is running the Store DEX software. The DEX box is what allows the distributors handheld to connect to the retailers PC.

The Software

The Store DEX software is a communication program that allows for the transferring of the DEX data files back and forth between the retailer and the distributor. The retailer can optionally set Store DEX to automatically acknowledge the invoice that was sent across and can also set Store DEX to run external applications when a file is either received or sent. These external applications could include one to automatically import in the invoice into your back end host accounting system.


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